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Next Party:

Tuesday, October 25th, join us at our

FootMenNYC has "grown up" and moved out of the BARS, and into a HOUSE!

We proudly invite you to:
The FootMenNYC House Party!
8pm - 1am


New COMPLETELY PRIVATE (you know what that means...) split level location

18+ Party (Welcome college boys)

$20 cover (Come early and SAVE! Only $10 from 8-9!

Always $10 for guests age 18-25 (with valid ID)

FREE MANDATORY shoe check (most of the place is a shoe-free zone)

Coat/Bag/Clothes check Ice Water and crunchy snacks provided

Bring Your Own Beverage - Refrigerator available for use Liquor & drug stores are scattered throughout the area if you need to purchase drinks on your way in.

FREE massage providers (tips appreciated)


OUR NEW HOME is an AMAZING, COMPLETELY PRIVATE and very comfortable duplex apartment 1 block from the 6 train (23rd St)
3 blocks from the N/R train (23rd St)
10 minute walk from Union Square (L/N/R/Q/4/5/6)

Kitchen, lounge and mingle space on the main floor, with room for massage and casual fun.

"Bedroom" loft upstairs for more adult play and privacy (Condoms & lube provided)

Photos from previous parties

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    LAUGHING ASIANS: Ronny Is Feather Ticklish

    Posted on: January 05, 2013

    Ronny Is Feather Ticklish (HD)Buy Now
    Price: $14.99
    Size: 524 MB
    Length: 16 minutes
    Oh so cute and oh so ticklish gay Asian twink Ronny makes his debut appearance on Laughing Asians in the usual fashion. This adorable 19 year old Asian boy is so delightfully ticklish. You're going to love his laughter as Ricky tickles him all over with feathers and fingers.

    Hot Asian Hunk Jesse Rivera in Tickle Heaven

    Posted on: December 12, 2012

    Hot ticklish Asian hunk Jesse is back at Laughing Asians after 3 years for some more of the hottest Asian male tickle fetish action anywhere. Jesse is strapped down on our tickle rack where he is relentlessly tickled silly by cute Asian twink Warren and our expert tickler Ricky. Jesse is truly one of the most ticklish Asian boys we've had here on Laughing Asians. His ticklish laughter is delightful and infectious to say the least. Warren starts it off with tickling Jesse's armpits with the feathers causing delightful giggling from Jesse. After Warren has had his fill, Ricky steps in and really gets Jesse hysterical. Ricky tickles his armpits, feet, crotch and his very ticklish rib cage until Jesse is completely exhausted and tickled out. And to finish him off, both Ricky and Warren attack him with 20 scribbling, poking, wiggling fingers all over his hot sexy ticklish naked body. Now this is tickle heaven!

    Jesse Rivera in "Tickle Boy Trio"

    Posted on: December 12, 2012

    Two str8 boys team tickle gay boy! Hot Asian hunk Jesse Rivera returns after 3 years to join up with our new little Asian boy hottie Niko to release a tickle typhoon on the adorable gay boy Warren. There's just something extra appealing about seeing a couple of hot masculine straight boys teaming up on a defenseless gay boy, tying him down on a bed and tickling the hell out of him. Warren has a great laugh and level of real ticklishness. Download the full 12 minute video in 1920x1080 Full HD

    LAUGHING ASIANS: Tickling Lorenzo

    Posted on: November 04, 2012

    This handsome gay Asian devil turned out to be so much fun to tickle. His laughter was infectious and his feet were so smooth and soft and ticklish. You'll love the way he wiggles and flails his feet around when we're tickling his feet. Even when Mike brought out the feathers, he shows them to him, and he gets this frightened dreadful expression on his face, then Mike starts feather tickling his soles and he goes into fits of hysterical laughter. There is really nothing more fun than when you get a guy with really ticklish feet!

    Jesse Is So Damn Ticklish

    Posted on: November 04, 2012

    Asian male tickling is never better than when that ticklish male is a hot hot hot young cutie. Jesse is tied down on the bed for some male tickling action in this classic video from the early days of Laughing Asians.

    LAUGHING ASIANS: Niko - Hot, Straight, & Ticklish

    Posted on: October 06, 2012

    This gay-4-pay straight Asian tickle boy has about the most perfect body I've ever seen on an Asian twink. His confidence and presence in front of the camera is a total turn-on as he shows off a bit before we strap him down to the tickle rack and tickle the living hell out of him. His feet and soles are absolutely as gorgeous as the rest of him. Ricky and I really enjoyed tickling him silly. We finished off with flipping him over on his back to tickle that super hot bubble butt of his. This is 20 minutes of Asian tickle boy video you DON'T WANT TO MISS! FUCKING HOT!

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    Adorable & Ticklish Diego

    Posted on: September 07, 2012

    Diego has to be about the cutest, sexiest Asian boy I've ever seen (I know, I always say that!), but take a look for yourself! My god, he is amazingly hot! Diego is straight, but broke, so he decided to let us tickle the hell out of him for pay.

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    Doctor Tickle's Depression Clinic

    Posted on: September 05, 2012

    Gay Asian boy Alex has been feeling very depressed, and is seeking help to overcome his feelings of sadness. He comes to Doctor Tickle for treatment. Doctor Tickle has a revolutionary new treatment which brings instant laughter, smiles, and happiness into his patient's lives again. So the good Doctor prescribes his tickle treatment. He calls in his tickle technician who tightly straps Alex down to the tickle rack and the tickling begins. The kind Doctor assists in the tickling and before you know it, Alex is laughing hysterically, and for the first time in months, he's smiling so much it hurts! This is a very erotic yet comical tickle video, and a must see!

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